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14-05-2003 v.1.27
  • Small Bug-fix.
07-05-2003 v.1.26
  • Fix "de" language file (Frank Förster).
  • NAT Improved, now you can change rules order.
  • NAT rules bugfix.
  • Configuration backup download bugfix.
14-04-2003 v.1.25
  • Fix bugs.
14-04-2003 v.1.24
  • Change Turtle Firewall stop process, ping will be reenabled.
  • Add AIM/ICQ and Soulseek std services (Frank Förster).
  • Add Oracle, VNC, VNC-http services.
  • Add rip, syslog, icecast, icp, irc (Karl Lovink).
  • Local Redirection Improved.
  • Now you can rename all firewall items.
  • More options.
18-02-2003 v.1.23
  • Add proxy, ssh21, dhcp, snmptrap, socks and eDonkey services (Karl Lovink).
  • Fix a bug into log viewer (Fredrik Tuomas).
  • Add Configuration Backup/Restore.
12-02-2003 v.1.22
  • Firewall and NAT rules with multiple services.
  • Change LOG prefix from "TFW DROP" to "TFW".
  • Add --start, --stop and --status options to turtlefirewall main script.
  • Add stop button in the webmin turtlefirewall index page.
  • Translate error messages (english and italian).
  • Add icmp_all service for all messages (request+reply).
  • Add all icmp messages in the special service "all".
16-01-2003 v.1.21
  • Fix a bug in Redirection.
15-01-2003 v.1.20
  • Add optional MAC address field in host edit form.
  • Add target field (ACCEPT/DROP/REJECT) in rule edit form.
  • Fix bug in Log prefix string, it must be up to 29 chars length.
  • Add x11: X Window System service.
  • Use numerical notation for ports in fwservices.xml.
  • Add Active flag to NAT, Masquerade and Redirect rules.
26-11-2002 v.1.19
  • Fix bug in Zone deletion.
  • Fix a bug using aliased interfaces (signaled by Torsten)
  • Add German translation (Jimmy Collins)
  • Add mysql and kazaa services (Jimmy Collins)
  • Add pptp (vpn) and rdp services (Joe MacDonald)
  • Add PC-Anyware service (Chris Carter)
  • Change setup script for Slackware Linux distribution (A.Frigido, Patrik)
13-11-2002 v.1.18
  • Add Firewall Configuration Options.
  • Now you can change firewall rules order (more readable).
  • Add fwuserdefservices.xml file for userdefined services. With this file you can write your own services filter without changing official fwservices.xml file. The structure of this new file is identical of fwservices.xml file structure. If you write a service with a name used by fwservices.xml, this new service definition overwrite the original service definition so, if you want, you can rewrite all services. IMPORTANT: I invite all to send me your userdefined service filter definitions, so I can add them into the predefined services list (fwservices.xml) for all Turtle Firewall users.
16-10-2002 v.1.17
  • Fix bug with "--log-level info" iptables option.
  • Enhanced log report.
  • Enhanced interface.
  • Add afp-over-tcp service: AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) over TCP. (Alain Terriault)
  • Add nfs (experimental)
26-09-2002 v.1.16
  • Change webmin category from System to Networking.
  • Fix a bug on tcp/udp Local Redirection (Soep).
13-09-2002 v.1.15
  • Fix "DROP INVALID unclean" bug.
10-09-2002 v.1.14
  • The configurable options contains now the option to select the logfile (Karl Lovink).
  • The dutch language has been added (Karl Lovink).
03-09-2002 v.1.13
  • Add NAT from a zone interface to a real host (etc. modem interface ip to my pc host).
  • Add Redirect module (For Transparent Proxy).
  • Fix security hole with INVALID packets filter code by Mark Francis.
  • Enhanced Log.
  • Add firewall rules for IPsec VPN service.
  • Add firewall rules for Webmin service.
09-07-2002 v.1.12
  • Fix bug in XML::Parser module checking.
08-07-2002 v.1.11
  • Setup procedure into webmin module, now Turtle Firewall installation is very easy.
  • Removed chkconfig command for setup, it isn't availabe in all GNU/Linux distributions.
  • Fix bug in "Create Nat" web interface.
  • Other minor changes.
26-06-2002 v.1.10
  • Add description field for rules and items.
  • Add experimental H.323 service.
  • Fix bugs.
20-06-2002 v.1.00
  • Change SystemV service start/stop order from 00/99 to 08/92.
  • Change TurtleFirewall package file name.
  • Check if XML::Parser perl module is installed.
  • Add Telnet service.
14-06-2002 v.0.99
  • Fix turtlefirewall privileges bug.
  • Use iptables from PATH (iptables directory need to be in PATH env. var.)
  • PreLoad modules for ftp connections and NAT.
  • Add CVS, NNTP services.
23-05-2002 v.0.98 Giampaolo Tomassoni <g.tomassoni at ar-tel.it>
  • Do you need port-based natting? Here it is...
  • Fixed the I-Wanna-Reply-To-Pings-But-It-Doesn't bug: when the fw accepts pings on a "somewere" => FIREWALL base, don't turn the /proc/sys/net/ipv4/icmp_echo_ignore_all kernel flag on...
  • Applied few ahestetic make-ups
17-05-2002 v.0.97
  • Add franch webmin language file.
  • Fix bugs.
17-04-2002 v.0.96
  • Add webmin module languages files for English and Italian.
  • Fix Masquerade and NAT bug.
02-04-2002 v.0.95
  • Aggiunto il file setup al tarball.
22-03-2002 v.0.94
  • Aggiunto supporto dell'attributo ACTIVE delle rule.
19-03-2002 v.0.93
  • Aggiunto l'uso del modulo turtlefirewall.pm (/usr/lib)
10-01-2002 v.0.92
  • Inserite le regole di accesso da/verso interfaccia lo che precedentemente impedivano l'accesso a se stesso.
  • Impostati i diritti sul file sh generato per l'esecuzione.
  • Corretta la definizione delle lan nei file di configurazione di esempio (samples).
05-12-2001 v.0.91
  • Modificato il nome da fwconf in Turtle Firewall (turtlefw)

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