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Turtle Firewall is a software which allows you to realize a Linux firewall in a simply and fast way.
It's based on Kernel 2.4.x and Iptables. Its way of working is easy to understand: you can define the different firewall elements (zones, hosts, networks) and then set the services you want to enable among the different elements or groups of elements.
You can do this simply editing a XML file or using the comfortable web interface Webmin.

Turtle Firewall is an Open Source project written using the perl language and realeased under GPL version 2.0 by Andrea Frigido (Frisoft).

Author: Andrea Frigido <andrea at frisoft.it> PGP key


  • 2003-05-14
    New Turtle Firewall 1.27 released!
  • 2003-04-14
    New Turtle Firewall 1.25 released!
  • 2003-02-18
    New Turtle Firewall 1.23 released!
  • 2003-02-12
    New Turtle Firewall 1.22 released!
  • 2003-01-16
    New Turtle Firewall 1.21 released!
  • 2003-01-15
    New Turtle Firewall 1.20 released!
  • 2002-12-13
    New Turtle Firewall Project site.
  • 2002-11-25
    New Turtle Firewall 1.19 released!


  • ZONES, NETWORKS, HOSTS and GROUPS definitions.
  • Filter rules definitions based on services.
  • New services definitions.
  • NAT
  • Masquerading


  • Perl Interpreter
  • expat library (normally included in all distros).
  • perl library for expat (XML::Parser).
  • Webmin (If you want to use the web interface).
  • iptables command in PATH.
  • Netfilter kernel modules installed or compiled into kernel (ip_tables, ip_conntrack, etc.).
  • Forward enabled ("Act as router"=yes in Hardware->Network->Routing webmin form).



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Copyright (c) 2001-2004 Frisoft di Frigido Andrea (www.frisoft.it)
Italian to English translation by Emanuele Tatti.

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